Why did Facebook WhatsApp and Instagram stop working?

Apart from WhatsApp, social media platforms Facebook and Instagram were suddenly down on Monday night. Millions of users around the world suffered a lot due to their downing. WhatsApp users were neither able to send nor receive messages. Similarly, users were seeing only old content on Facebook. Due to this problem, Instagram users were also having trouble accessing the story and reels. However, after about 6 hours of hard work, all these social media platforms started working again. So let’s know why WhatsApp, Facebook and Insta suddenly went down for users around the world…

Why these Facebook apps crashed

Cybercrime experts and researchers from around the world tried to find out the real reason for such global outages. According to a cybercrime reporter named Brian Krebs, the reason for the downing of these platforms is a glitch in the BGP i.e. Border Gateway Protocol. Due to BGP, the internet is able to work properly. The Internet is a network of many networks and the job of BGP is to connect these networks together.

If BGP malfunctions or it stops working for some reason, internet routers don’t know what to do and the internet stops working. Large routers keep updating their routes so that network packets can be delivered to the end source. This is what happened in the case of Facebook. Facebook’s platform was the last destination and due to a glitch in the BGP, Facebook was unable to tell other networks that it was on the Internet.

There was also a problem in Facebook’s DNS

DNS is also believed to be responsible for the glitches in Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram on Monday. DNS i.e. Domain Name System is a very important part of the Internet. It is a kind of phonebook for the Internet. This is a tool that converts domain names such as Facebook into the actual Internet Protocol. Due to a DNS error, the user’s browser or smartphone app was unable to access Facebook’s services.

There was also a mistake in the configuration change

Regarding Monday’s global outage, Facebook has confirmed that it was not a cyber attack. The company said that the main reason for this outage was incorrect configuration changes. Facebook also said that due to the glitch, the company’s 3.5 billion users had trouble accessing social media and messaging services. The company further said that they do not have any evidence yet to show that there was any tampering with the data of the users in this outage.

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