Moral Story lion And Mouse In English

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Story lion and mouse

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Once upon a time, there lived a mouse in a forest. One day when he was returning to his burrow, he saw a lion resting in a cave. Seeing the lion sleeping happily, mischief came to the mind of the mouse. The mouse entered the lion’s cave and climbed on top of the lion. He jumped over the lion and started pulling its hair.

The lion’s sleep was awakened by the mischief of the mouse and he caught the mouse in his fangs. When the mouse found itself in the lion’s paw, he had understood that no one can save him from the anger of the lion, and today his death is certain.

The mouse was terribly frightened and weepingly started pleading with the lion that lion Ji, do not kill me, I have made a mistake, let me go. If you let me go today, I will help you in the future whenever you need any help in return for your favor.

The lion laughed after hearing the words of the mouse. The lion said that you yourself are so small, what will you help me? Hearing the request of the mouse, the lion took pity on him and released the mouse. The mouse thanked the lion and left from there.

A few days later, when the lion was roaming here and there in search of food, suddenly it got caught in the net spread by a hunter. The lion tried his best to get himself out of the net, but could not get out. After trying for a long time, the lion started roaring for help.

At the same time, the mouse was passing by when he heard the roar of the lion. He ran to the lion and was shocked to see the lion trapped in the net. Without delay, he started cutting the net with his sharp teeth and in no time he cut the whole net and freed the lion. The lion’s eyes filled with this help of the mouse and with moist eyes, the lion thanked the mouse and both of them left from there. Then the lion and the mouse became good friends.

learn from the story

From this story, we get a lesson that we should not consider a person small or big on the basis of the body only. At the same time, we should help others, because when we help others, only then someone will come forward to help us.

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