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What is the word smile? –

Smile is the thing you do with your face when you are happy -– or want others to think you are. Your expression softens and your mouth turns up at the corners. Smile, noun or verb, with its universal message and association with enjoyment and pleasure, is a very useful word. It can express joy or even say hello.

Cute Smile quotes for love

Between love, money and happiness l would choose happiness, because
Where there will be happiness there will be everything…

Just because a person smiles all time
Doesn’t mean their life is perfect.
That smile is a symbol of hope and strength.

Just find a reason to smile
For which life deal’s you with your countless miles…

Just a thought of you
Makes me smile with a bit of shivering throughout my hole body!

Smile quotes for love Image

Smile quotes for love Image

I’m the fan of your smile. But the fact,
that the reason of your smile is me, makes me crazy…

I love to smile
But i love making other people smile more…

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Let your smile change the world,
But didn’t let the world change your smile…!!

It isn’t hard to sacrifice BUT is difficult to get someone who get ready to SACRIFICE…

Can you share me the secret of your smile
That keeps glowing every time i see…

It’s a very easy to hurt someone, but
Very difficult to be the reason for a smile….

Life is a piece of the story, where a pinch of sorry
Can give a happy ending to it.

Little things to do in life
When you wake up just smile
After all laughter is the best medicine you can have all by yourself.

Aa a apple a day keeps a doctor away
A smile a day keeps sadness away.

One Liner Smile quotes for love

A picture without a smile is a click wasted keep smiling and make every click count..

When you feel smile then the real happiness is being….

After everything, it seems weird to feel anything, but smile does feel calm and light.

Challenge every problem of your life with your magical witty smile abd believe me, like a miracle, it’s gonna disappear…..

If you’re reading my message now, then just think one second about me and give me smile then that makes me fulfill….

Happiness doesn’t need any reason also it doesn’t need your money, just need a cute and simple smile..

I didn’t know why but there is always an insane smile on my face, wherever i think about you.

I want to fall in love with your words but i am already fallen for your smile.

Smile is the free makeup let’s put it on our face for forever.

If you smile when no one else is around, you really mean it.

Make a powerful first impression by smiling, for others to be envious of you.

Who knows, by taking your regular walks, sometime you walk yourself into your best thought.!

Happiness is not the slave if money or something it is the slave of our smile.

I can hack tears away but only if you give me the password to your smile.

Smile is a best and high powerful medicine, inset your smile’s face….

Use you smile to change the world, don’t let the world change your smile.

Just one smile of yours is very alluring to me and changes mine fully.

Smile is the free therapy in every problem don’t let them fade away….

2 lines Smile quotes for love

Lets laugh for no reason….
And I’m very sure,
Iife will give you a reason to be happy…..

Someone says, your not perfect….
Iook at them and smile, because no one is perfect….

I’m pro at hiding my expectations
Because I’ve built a habit to pass natural smiles.

Flute smile in my soul, hilarious at every droplet, overwhelmed by magic, frozen furious at eyesight, heeps of love sowed in my sound at first meet.
It’s you my king of smile.

Try to happy without reason,
And you will be happy in every reason!!

If you are reading this now then SMILE
Coz the people around you need these smiles.

Keep smiling because your smile can hide many pains behind it and it can cure many problems also
Start your day with a smile.

A smile is contagious spread it
You give one returns are immense.

Smile is the key
That fits the lock of everybody’s heart.

If you don’t want to smile for you then just smile for them who depend on your smile to have a smile on their face.

You can only see the part of my life which i want to show, behind those smiles and happiness what i hide, you will never know…

Your smile is your true friend,
Never take it away from you..

Happiness being when you
Start to learn laugh alone……

You glow differently
When you are actually happy……

Witness your curve once, like falcate hook, ceded I’m as a pence, yet nix lams to this rook..!!

A smile is infectious lt is mirrored in the face of the one you smile at…..
Therefore, wherever you go, keep on smiling on your face.

Smile to a very full extent, especially beyond the point
Regarded as necessary or desirable.

Don’t smile for a while and in a mile
Keep smiling keep on smiling to make everyone around your smile.

I haven’t got anything for you but I have smiles
I can give many of them to you and never let you be offed.

When life gives you a hundred reasons to cry,
Show life that you have a thousand reasons to smile.

In life the bills of our’s is not to be compelled by other’s not to show up but to receive self happiness naturally, & to share your smile’s …..

A beautiful fake smile to hide an injured soul, fake smile may fool the crowd just like a mirror smile at it and it smile back to you….

A child only does what makes her happy not what makes other happy if adults follow it too our life can be happy……

Don’t you know how to smile?
Stand or sit in front of a mirror, afterwards look at your angry face, the mirror will tell you that your angry face make me laugh.

Smile is an important part of our life, without which the whole world is incomplete, smiling removes all the troubles so smile for yourself.

And the little happiness that you missed to see
Is just next to you….

I may not have a great beautiful smile, but
I CAN still have a great laughter, laughing out loud.

Smile is prettiest thing, people forget to smile after seeing the troubles of their life, but if you make them smile in their bad times they can never forget you so always smile even on your worst.

You do not know how important your smile is, it is the one who lives by seeing your smile always keep your smile spread towards the sunlight.


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