Request of information letter essential tips for IELTS General Training Module

Request of information letter

This is a letter you write to ask a person for information. For example, you may need to receive the trains’ timetable, or list of books on certain topic from a library or an itinerary for a trip you have booked to Africa.

There are 3 paragraphs in this type of letter. They should look like this:

  1. Start with “Dear Sir/Madam, “ (or write person’s name if it was given in task instructions)

Explain shortly (in one or two sentence) what kind of information you are interested in.

“I am writing to ask for information about membership in the Shape sports club.”


  1. Explain in more details who you are, exactly what information you need, why, when and in what form do you need it-letter, a fax, an e-mail, a phone-call, etc. this should be the biggest paragraph of the whole letter.


  1. Write formal ending for the letter, your name and sign

“I look forward to hearing from you.”

If you know the name of person you are writing to, sign

“Yours sincerely

            Mr. Smith

If you don’t know the name of person you are writing to sign

“Yours faithfully,

            Mr. Smith”     

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