50+Heart Touching Love Quotes One Sided 2022

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Love Quotes One Sided

The best love in the world,,, is one sided

Because you see your crush and smile….

Even my phone does not want to move on,

One call from you, and your name comes on top of frequently contacted list again….

The one who defined the true meaning of one sided love was the way, how

Saverus snape loved Lilly Potter the lost breath of his life…

Love Quotes One Sided Image

Love Quotes One Sided Image

Believe me or not….

But one sided love is always true and pure….

When you become silent was the day,

I knew you have had enough of me…..

It’s time, I train my train of thought before it leaves the station for an untamed destination…

Some relations are never dependent on promises, they are accepted by one side only…

My mind feels like a race track,

She’s running through my mind all day…

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Sometimes, all need is time alone to realize,

That l loved her, she doesn’t so there is no chance to blame her for that…

One sided relationships are full of actions, you win every day and you lose every day…..

She was determined to break down his walls but he was ready with bricks and cement to mend it…

Yes, it was an illusion…

It was undoubtedly one sided relationship from my side…

It all started with friendship…

And now, is on the verge of a one sided relationship…

It’s hard to wait around for something that you know might never happen, but it’s even harder to give up when you know it’s everything you want…

If you want to die, don’t commit “SUICIDE” rather fall in LOVE with someone who doesn’t love you, you’ll “DIE” every day….

You have no idea how much you broke me,

Because you have no idea how much I love you….

The easiest way to die, love someone who doesn’t love you back, you will die daily……

Someday, if we fight and don’t talk, please keep all your ego aside and come back to me.

Sometimes a small smile gaving most powerful in our life, but it’s called random moments in our life…..

I never felt bored now, cuz

There is always a person to play with my feelings….

Those unsaid feelings, that you keep inside are the ones are that more damaging trust me it will be brek your heart…..

Being one sided lover is better then being in a relationship with no love

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One sided love

no call, no messages, nothings….

But there is someone who is thinking of you every second…..

Looking at my face someone asked- betrayal are love??? ‘betrayed in love’ i replied…..

To know one’s feeling means, we must first express our feeling…

If someone is ok with losing you they never really care for you…..

Meeting you is like I am alive again for all circumstances… Of my life with you…..

Neve beg anyone to be in your life if you text, call visit, and still get ignored, walk away.

I am dead finding the mystery in my bed of the last word,, she said…..

Only one sided love can break the THIRD LOW OF NEWTON….

The night was dark and the day was too, l love and miss you so much, but you never feel this way, as i do….

You smiled. And i broke into a thousand stars,

l too stood under your sky, hoping one of those stars might be for me…

Only the last pages of his rough note know the depth of hia one sided love…..

Which of the two requires more patience?? Long distance relationship or one sided love..??

Equation of love: the more you try to run away from it, the more you run towards it….

My eyes search for yours whenever l smell your fragrance…..

You are my 1000 thoughts that i neve said,,, every one sided love story ever….

People change feelings fade promises are broken but memories stay forever….

The person did not love me nor did the person cheat. Only i really loved that person and the person laughed at my love…

You knew who you wanted but it wasn’t me i gave us a shot but i guess we weren’t meant to be….

I know we are not destined to be together,,,, i just wish soo badly,,, if i could stop myself hoping for you…

Iff all the stages of life are seasons, one sided love is that strange weather, where you get to witness the extremes of pain and pleasure together…..

You and me ain’t birds of a feather, i wish i could break this tether…

Love is when you love seeing your love being loved by their love even if you’re not their love…..

When you love someone all by your heart your world is just on another level which is not explainable

Understand my love or understand my pain, either way, is fine, but just come back to me again….

Moonlight was on the rooftop, he was the Moonlight to her heart top and deep…..

I had a lot of problems but to solve one of yours i saved every second i could because you were my priority,,, but now you are busy…….

Neve make a mistake of considering someone as your priority,,,,, you might force them to make you consider as their option….

One sided relationship is like treadmill you won’t get anywhere by running on it but sooner or later you run out of breath….

I can strengthen myself for the people i love but,,, how do i remain strong in front of those who love me..

When i found out you loved me back, i got scared and distant myself, i was more worried to lose you forever than to be happy for the moment….

You remember me isn’t it necessary,, remember every moment, it’s not even necessary,,, but i remember that’s enough…..

I’m sorry i could not make that special place in your heart, but you lost that person in whose heart you were the only one…..

The ones who love you will Neve leave you. Even if there are hundred reasons to give up, they will find one reason to hold on…..

If no one loves someone then it’s fine but don’t make fun of love cozz this will be seen from the perspective of her love unbecoming…..

Which of the two requires more patience?? Long distance relationship or one sided love..??


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