How to make a girl love if she have another good looking boyfriend?

How to make a girl love | Attracting a Girl with a Boyfriend | Ways To Get A Girl To Like You When She Has A Boyfriend | What To Do If She Has A Boyfriend BUT You Want Her | Tricks to Get a Girl to Like You |

Who doesn’t want to fall in love? Falling in love is every guy’s dream, and just like any popular #tag trend on Twitter, everyone wants to get involved. If you have your heart set on a girl and you really want her to fall in love with you too, here are some ways to get her interested in you. If you attract a girl’s attention to what you say and a few untold things you say and at the same time you manage to bring her attention to some of your nice and cute habits, and also give her time to get to know her, chances are That he gets impressed with you and starts falling in love with you too. Most important thing is, just stay as you are and let her (the girl) be like her and respect her for this quality.

Understanding Attraction – 

First, let’s understand how physical attraction works. Our basic biochemistry lies at the heart of the feelings, thoughts, and love-filled hopes that pop up in us. We are made to love! Attraction is based on brain chemistry. A group of neurotransmitters called monoamines (dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin), all of which produce certain feelings in our mind that we experience as attraction. Huh

  • Dopamine is a “feel good” chemical in your brain (that’s where the term “dope” comes from). It is also related to the motivation and reward process of your brain. When you meet someone you’re attracted to, this dopamine is sent “as a byproduct” of the feel-good chemical to your body system.
  • Norepinephrine, also known as noradrenaline (but it is different from adrenaline), carries messages to your central nervous system. Your mind is responsible for your ability to “hold up” before it reaches news that is not as interesting as the smart partner in front of you.
  • Serotonin controls many of your body’s activities, those feelings include sex drive and body temperature. Whenever you are very attracted to someone, serotonin slightly lowers your body temperature, due to which the ability of your skin to conduct electricity increases slightly. As a result, the feeling of love can cause a kind of tingling in your skin.
  • In fact, experts say that attraction also stimulates the same chemicals in the brain that intoxicants like dopamine and oxytocin stimulate. Even if a girl isn’t attracted to you, it has nothing to do with you. Has nothing to do with it: it’s just a game of chemicals present in each person’s brain and it is born from them.
  • According to a researcher at Rutgers University, it takes “less than a second” for the brain to judge whether someone is attractive or not. 
  • Now in this one moment or first impression, you either fall in love with the other person or take yourself out of it.
  • Even if that doesn’t happen, don’t take it personally. People often aren’t able to handle natural impulses, and their decision may have nothing to do with yours. Now as in, some women are attracted to men who are not afraid to take any kind of risk, while on the other hand, some find men attractive, who take every step of the way. These are each person’s own opinions, and however they may be, it is not wrong to have them in any way.
  • To fully understand attraction is not so easy, it contains many layers of mysteries of human emotions. Whatever it may be, but one thing becomes clear from this that being in love and attraction towards someone are the basic elements of our structure. And all this happens at the level at which our thinking power stops working. And sometimes this chemistry turns out to be “really” right or wrong.

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Take care of yourself – 

Girls are usually attracted to guys who look like they can take care of themselves. This includes your proper grooming and your good health. Looking strong and healthy and feeling the same on the inside is both an important and evolutionary sign of your “fertility” – generally, it’s also a sign of strong and healthy genes.

  • By keeping yourself well-groomed and healthy, you will have more confidence in yourself and you will also feel proud of yourself, and let me tell you that most people find it quite attractive too.
  • It doesn’t mean that you become a long-run runner or a bodybuilder all of a sudden. You can consider going to a gym or even joining a Frisbee team so that you can feel a little more healthy and self-dependent about yourself and as a result, you will be even more attractive. Be gone. Improve yourself as much as you can and keep one thing in mind that you always have to be honest with yourself and don’t completely change yourself in the pursuit of looking good.

prepare yourself for success – 

Your look, complexion, and appearance will be the biggest first impression you will make on the front. This is usually the strongest one. You can interact with anyone by creating an online profile, but later when you meet them face to face and at that time your body smells bad and at the same time you are wearing old and dirty clothes, then he makes a stronger impression on the face than any online chat room.
  • Keep your body odor under control. Most of the girls do not like the bad smell coming from the body at all. Men who don’t take regular baths, don’t use cents to reduce the smell of sweat, or wear smelly clothes, will always fail.
  • Take care of your body. Everyone deserves to be loved: whether the person is fat, has scars, or is going bald, or whatever. No matter who you are, you are good and just do your best to beautify your appearance, this will make you look attractive and at the same time instill more confidence in you.
  • Wear attractive clothes. Everyone has a sense of which clothes will look attractive and wearing which shows your social signs of being a gentleman, credibility, and masculinity. If your outfit is not attractive, clothes are loose or you are wearing completely different types of clothes, then it indicates something lacking in the wearer.

Understand signals from body language – 

Physical cues can be either conscious (such as glancing at someone) or subconscious (such as redness or trembling of the lips). Each person conveys many signals through body language, including the language of attraction. Here are some basic messages from gestures that indicate physical attraction
  • I am present: appearing confident and balanced in the absence of a potential mate
  • I’m interested in you: Whenever someone says hello, a flirty conversation begins.
  • I’m harmless: Nothing offensive or “out of balance” can be seen in your behavior.
  • I’m Fertile: Your healthy, youthful, energetic look.
  • I am accessible: openness and spontaneity in body language.

pay attention to the way you smile – 

A genuine smile that comes from any girl means that she also wants to make herself more attractive to you. [14] (And it may also be a sign that because of her good friendship with you She does so, so be sure to understand other gestures before jumping to any conclusions). To know if it’s real or not, observe which facial muscles she uses to smile.
  • Genuine smiles also called “Duchenne smiles”, involve the muscles of the mouth as well as the muscles around the eyes. Fake smiles involve movement only in the muscles near the mouth, and these smiles can also appear slightly tense and faint. For this reason, models are advised to “smile with their eyes”.

Show signs of being attracted to you – 

Now that you’ve figured this out, whether you get the chance or not, you can do this by using some gestures through your body language to show your interest in them.
  • Take a look at him and smile.
  • Just get close to him. If you’re at a coffee shop, come to the table next to it, or if coffee or something spills on it, just go get tissue paper for it. This way she will feel the feeling of attraction coming from your side and due to which she will also feel the attraction towards you.
  • Tilt your head towards him when talking or looking at him. A tilt of the head is also a sign of someone’s interest.

try taking the first step – 

Also called the “pick up line,” this is the first step you take to start a conversation. While people using this type of pickup line are often viewed with disgust, you don’t have to be “disgusted” to take this first step. According to some studies these are of three types.
  • Obviously starters. They are honest and get straight to the point, such as “I think you’re really attractive” or “I’m a little shy, but I’d still like to talk to you.” Generally, men want that when others start a conversation with them, they want to get the same start.
  • Harmless” starter. People like this start a conversation, but it takes them a long time to get to the point, like, “What do you think about this place?” or “Do you come here often?” Generally, women want the beginning of any conversation like this.
  • Cutie/nonsense starter. It’s a joke, but such people sometimes say double-meaning things or some unwanted things, such as, “How would you like your eggs scrambled or fertilized?” It’s not that they always seem wrong, but sometimes they are good “to start a conversation”, but using them you risk looking weak, anxious, and strange were lifting. By the way, both men and women generally consider it to be the worst option.


show her your loving qualities – 

No person decides to be in love with someone just like that. One is loved because the person concerned has love-worthy qualities. Love often gets deeper and stronger over time, so your job is to show the girl that you’re worth keeping. Let your personality shine through and let it see who you really are and what you have to offer. It turns out that people often find that traits like humor, kindness, and honesty make you physically “more” attractive!
  • Other qualities that affect your attractiveness from the point of view of people are respect, honesty, hard work, and intelligence.
  • The study also suggested that women rate personality and social traits such as kindness and intelligence more than physical traits.

Winning Her Heart – 

Try to get to know him. Getting to know him means more than just remembering his birthday and place of birth. Spend time with her, build trust, and try to understand the importance of things she doesn’t often show. If she’s afraid of water, find out about her fear (and why she’s afraid) or a moment she was most embarrassed by (and make her laugh at that moment). Help me fly.) Understand how she thinks and what she believes. This will help you to like him as a complete person and he will like it a lot more than you think.
    • A great way to do this is to ask him a question that can only be answered with a yes or no answer. For example, psychologist Arthur Aron has become famous for his list of 36 questions he devised to increase closeness among people. He is creative and open-minded, and these questions are about things that are more interesting than his favorite movie.[30]
    • For example, you can try asking, “Do you want to be famous? By which means?” or “What do you think a perfect day should be like?”
    • Not only will this give you a chance to get to know them better, but it will also show that you consider them smart and that their opinions matter to you.


give him his freedom – 

This doesn’t mean that you are completely separated from him, but it does mean that he should be in control of what happens next. By burdening her to be in a relationship or by forcing her to do something, the opposite of what you’ve been hoping for will happen. Show her that she has a life apart from you and that you have respect for her; When you give a girl some freedom, she will come to love you on her own terms.
  • When you give her her freedom, avoid distancing herself from her. Keep calling him regularly and show that you are interested in him. If you’re shy, don’t distance her too much or she’ll think you’re not interested in her. If you want him to pay attention to you, you have to come out of the wall a little bit.
  • If you just went on a date with him, and things went well between the two of you, and it all happened on a Friday, tell him that you’ll call him before the weekend. Let her do her work on Saturday and then call her on Sunday to say that you had a great time with her and that you would like to go back with her again if possible next weekend. This is a good time to ask her to accompany you to an upcoming party or a dance show.
  • Giving him his freedom shows him how much confidence you have in yourself. You’re basically telling him, “I had a great time with you, and I like you, but I don’t want to force you into anything, because I’m not really nervous. “Both girls and boys are attracted to people who are calm and patient, who are not in a hurry, and who are not anxious.

Keeping Your Mind Open –

Don’t judge her. Every woman, just like you, has different qualities, she has a different personality of her own. Be careful that you do not think about him in such a way in your mind that you may reach any negative result about him. It is not your new car, the color of which will be according to you and the options will also be available according to you. Now you have to decide whether you can handle this personality or anything else–but don’t try to make him the way you want him to be.
  • If you decide that you can stay with him no matter what his passion is, then stick to your decision. Don’t try to change it. Don’t criticize him for this craze, nor get angry at him. Accept her as she is. [33]
  • This different personality of his does not make him a bad person. Even if you think that there is something that can break the relationship, there is no need to talk bluntly about this habit.

don’t expect him to change – 

In fact, if you can lowermost of your “expectations” in this or any relationship, you’ll probably be even happier with your relationship. [34] We often expect unreasonable things from others and when we need them When we don’t get it, we feel unhappiness and trouble.
  • Now, this does not mean that you should not expect anything from them or that you allow yourself to be abused. Now that he/she has told you that he/she will come (if no reason has arisen), you are sure to expect him/her to arrive, treat you with respect and kindness, and be sympathetic and sympathetic to others. Show kindness
  • However, if your expectation is that the girl understands your mind, then you will probably be disappointed because no one can understand anyone’s mind.
  • It is also that, by now the personality of the people has been set. As that woman often comes late and you have told her your problem in this regard, but still there has been no change in them, then there is a possibility that this problem will remain like this in future also. You can also decide that it is a big deal to deal with this problem or you can decide that you want to keep it as it is (the habit of being late) Go, you Don’t want to expect him to change.

Understand that it is not necessary that he falls in love with you. – 

When a person does not accept another’s love, people call it “friend-zoning”. But remember that even if you are doing all these things in the right way and continue to do so, even then it will not mean that he will fall in love with you. He’s a personality who has free will of his own and isn’t something to be conquered in a video game.


  • Be funny and have good humor, but not using anyone else.
  • Don’t be hasty. If you make a lot of haste then it can have a bad effect on him.
  • You may really want someone to fall in love with you, but make sure you use your mind as well as your heart. Love is only the starting condition for any healthy relationship. Everything else depends on your interaction, compatibility, and commitment.
  • Do what she wants to do!
  • Take some time to get closer and show your interest in her. Like taking the time to read his favorite book or listen to his favorite song.
  • Spend time with him and your friends.
  • Show her that she can confide in you when she needs to, and that you always have the ability to give her suggestions.
  • Keep in mind that you have to ask him questions and get answers. Keep him busy with you. Tell him interesting things.
  • Maintain a smile while talking and make eye contact with them.
  • Don’t force him to do what you want; Keep your mind open.
  • Give respect to his mind, body, and soul. Be considerate!
  • Appreciate his humor by laughing at a joke he made.
  • Always believe in yourself. Don’t be shy


  • Remember that if you may or may not be attracted to someone, but if they don’t have feelings for you, don’t pressurize them.


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