How to get a higher Snapchat score In 2023

If you are also a Snapchat, the question must have come to your mind How to get a higher Snapchat score, then in today’s article, we are going to tell you How to get a higher Snapchat score –

Be more active on the platform, send Snaps to your friends on a daily basis, open their All Snaps, add more friends, build up streaks, Add Snaps to Your Story, and avoid using text messages to boost your snap score.

Snapchat keeps its algorithm private, so it’s unclear how the platform calculates the snap score. You can, however, increase your activity by sending snaps to your friends on a daily basis and maintaining long Snapchat streaks. If you’re wondering how to boost your snap score quickly, this is the most dependable method.

What is the Snapchat app?

Snapchat is a popular messaging app that lets you send text messages, images, and videos. Filters, stickers, memories, and stories are among the app’s useful features. It allows you to save images and videos for later viewing and sharing.

Snapchat can be easily integrated with other software to automate workflows. For example, if you want to automatically update the user ID of any new member who joins your account, you can connect Snapchat to Google Sheets and update information.

What is Snapchat Score?

Open the Snapchat app on your Phone. Take note of the number next to your username. It could be 0 if you’ve just created your account, or it could be in the thousands if you’re a regular Snapchat user. Did you know that this number is formally known as Snapchat Score?

Your Snapchat Score reflects your Snapchat performance. It changes as the number of Snaps sent and received on Snapchat changes.

It essentially shows how active you are on the Snapchat app. Swiping down on the Snapchat camera screen reveals your Snapchat score, which appears alongside your username.

You can integrate Snapchat with any software if you want to automatically update your score in Google Sheets, manage email campaigns, or use your score for any other task.

How does Snapchat Score Work?

Snapchat Score is determined by the following factors, according to the Snapchat website:

  • Stories you’ve shared
  • The number of snaps you get
  • number of snaps sent

A point is awarded for both sending and receiving a snap, but no points are awarded for simply sending a message. A point is also awarded if you post a snap to your story, but there are no points awarded for watching someone else’s story.

How to get a higher Snapchat score

If you want your snap score to rise, you must send snaps to your friends on a regular basis, and they must respond with their own. So, if you want to learn how to improve your snap score, here are a few options.

More Snaps

Sending more snaps to your friends on a daily basis is the quickest way to boost your snap score. The best way to accomplish this is to make some friends who share your goals. You can then send snaps to each other several times per day.

Remember that sending snaps in group messages will not boost your snap score. This is also true for chat messages. Send snaps to people instead of text messages and watch your snap score rise!

How to get a higher Snapchat score

Add New Friends

Adding friends on Snapchat can, believe it or not, increase your snap score. If you are unable to locate a specific friend on Snapchat, there are several subreddits that can assist you in connecting with other Snapchat users, or you can use the Quick Add feature. Not only will you improve your snap score, but you will also have the opportunity to meet new people.

You can also search for and add Snapchat profiles of your favorite celebrities or influencers.

Send Snaps to Several Friends

As previously stated, it is critical to send many snaps per day, but here’s another fact: you will need to send multiple snaps to multiple friends.

So, if you take a fun photo, you can’t send it to everyone. That will not increase your snap score, and the snaps must be unique so that each of your friends is prompted to respond.

Open All Snaps

Another quick way to improve your snap score is to open all of the snaps you receive. When you receive a snap, make sure you open it and respond.

Receiving snaps, like sending them, raises your snap score. So, if you want to improve your score, make sure to check and open your Snaps.

Streaks on Snapchat

Snapchat streaks track how many days you and a friend have sent snaps to each other in a row. The streak grows longer with each snap sent.

Maintaining a Snapchat streak will help you increase your snap score. More specifically, the longer a streak lasts, the higher your Snapchat score will rise. So, if you’ve been wondering how to get more snap score points or how to get rid of the Hourglass emoji, start sending those snaps!

Watch Discover Videos

If you don’t want to send Snaps, go to the Discover section of your stories. You’ll see a ton of cool videos from various creators that are tailored to your interests. Simply binge-watching these videos will result in a quick score boost with little effort on your part.

Avoid Sending Text Messages

As previously stated, sending text messages will not increase your snap score. As a result, if you want to improve your score, inform your friends that you prefer to communicate via snaps rather than text messages.

Add Snaps to Your Story

You can boost your Snapchat score by sharing stories. When you post a story, you have two choices for where it will appear: Your Story or Our Story.

The snap-in Your Story is only visible to your friends, whereas, in Our Story, you will share it with a larger audience. Whatever you choose, just remember that sharing earns you points.

Send multiple snaps at once

You get 1 point for sending one snap to one friend. That’s how it goes. So, if you start sending snaps to multiple friends at once, you might get an extra point. If you send a snap to ten people, you might get 10-11 points.

How do I send multiple snaps at the same time?

Snapchat allows you to send a single snap to multiple friends. Simply tap the white “Send” arrow and choose the names from the list. When you click the ‘Send’ arrow again, each friend you choose will receive this snap.

Send Snaps more often

Try to send as many snaps as you can on a regular basis (this does not mean every hour!). It aids in the daily improvement of your Snapchat Score.

If you are unable to send snaps on a regular basis or if your score becomes stagnant after a few days, we have a Snapchat Score hack for you! For a few days, disable or log out of your Snapchat account. By doing so, Snapchat will reward you with 6 gap rewards, which will be added to your Snapchat Score when you return.

Open unread snaps

One point is awarded for each snap that is opened. Tap the purple button for videos or the red button for images next to the sender’s name to open an unread snap. There are no bonus points for repeating any of these.

Add more friends on Snapchat

You can earn points on Snapchat by sending or accepting friend requests. This strategy, however, will not work in the long run. It is only useful when you are new to Snapchat and trying to collect points.

You should keep in mind that adding celebrities to your friend list may not increase your Snapchat score.

Avoid Activities That Don’t Increase Your Snapchat Score

It’s critical to understand which activities do not increase your Snapchat score so you don’t waste your time on them if increasing your score is your primary goal.

  • If you send or receive a text message, you will not receive any points.
  • You will not receive points for viewing your friends’ stories.

Many people are divided on whether or not sending snaps in a group improves your score; some believe it does, while others believe it does not. The best way to find out is to send one and see if and how much your score improves.

Open Snaps Regularly to Increase Your Score

When another user sends you a Snap, you should open it. Sending and receiving Snaps both raise your overall score. So, regardless of the content, be sure to check and open your Snaps on a daily basis.

Finally, why would you want to improve your Snapchat score? It’s just a digit on a computer screen. It has no immediate significance. A Snapchat Score is similar to Reddit’s karma points, which serve no purpose. Nonetheless, some people regard them as extremely important.

Snapchat’s scoring system is similar to that of a video game. It’s an excellent way to keep track of your progress, keep you engaged, and make the application more interesting.

Unfortunately, a higher score does not unlock any special features, but you do get the best friend emojis if you hit a Snap Streak with one friend. Snapchat trophies were previously available, but they are no longer available.

Even though there is no way to determine how Snapchat calculates your score, the methods outlined above will undoubtedly assist! You now know to avoid all Snapchat Score hacks and instead use some legitimate methods to boost your score!

Snapchat Score Tips and Tricks

If your Snap Score is not increasing, it may be time to update your Snapchat app. If you care about your score, make sure to keep your app up to date.

Be cautious of any services that claim to boost Snap Scores. These programs are against Snapchat’s rules, rarely work, and if they do, you risk having your account banned.

Finally, don’t expect Snapchat Trophies to become available once you reach a certain Snap Score. Snapchat Trophies are earned by performing specific actions, such as recording a Snap video without speaking or applying a specific filter.

The Snap score is not updating.

Your Snap Score does not change every time you send a Snap or engage in a qualifying activity. When Snapchat updates your score, there is almost always a delay. If you’ve followed the steps above but your Snap Score has remained the same for several days, you can get help by clicking the Help link in Snapchat’s Settings.

Benefits of Increasing Your Snapchat Score

You’re probably wondering what you get out of all this talk about increasing your Snapchat score.

A high Snapchat score will impress and attract new followers. A high snap score means even more for business accounts, as 64% of businesses use Snapchat to promote their brand and increase visibility.

Snapchat Trophies

Snapchat trophies are an additional reward for those who want to improve their Snapchat scores.

if you raise your Snapchat Score sufficiently to become an influencer with marketing opportunities, the influencer marketing industry is booming right now, and businesses are not shy about spending money on influencer marketing.

Another thing that goes hand in hand with a high snap score is Snapchat trophies. Here are the trophies and the snap score milestones required to obtain them:

  • 10 – Baby emoji 👶
  • 100 – Star emoji 🌟
  • 1000 – Sparkles emoji ✨
  • 10 000 – Circled star emoji 💫
  • 50 000 – Explosion emoji 💥
  • 100 000 – Rocket emoji 🚀
  • 500 000 – Ghost emoji 👻

There are also Snapchat emojis that represent the frequency with which you interact with someone, remind you of life events, or display important information about the user.

Immense Satisfaction

Let’s be honest: having a high Snapchat score on our profile page to impress that one friend makes us feel good.

Even if we don’t admit it, we know others care about us and try to beat us whenever they can.

How to Check Your Snapchat Score?

Now that you know what a Snapchat Score is, you’re probably wondering how to find one. You’ve sent snaps and shared stories on your account, and now you’re looking for your score. The score will also indicate how active you are on the application. You can check your own Snapchat score in just a few simple steps.

  • Navigate to your “Profile” in the Snapchat app.
  • Look for the number next to the “Ghost” icon under your profile name. That represents your “Snapchat Score.”
  • You can tap on the number to bring up a pop-up that displays the total number of snaps you have sent or received.

How to Find Someone Else’s Snapchat Score

Do you want to compare your score to that of a friend or celebrity? While there is no public leaderboard for Snapchat scores, you can easily check an individual’s score.

Tap on the friend’s username to open a chat window. Then, in the top-right corner of the screen, press their Bitmoji icon. A page will open with their display name, username, and Snap score in small black text underneath.

If you can’t see someone’s Snap score, it’s because they’ve either unfriended you or blocked you.

What Is an Average Snap Score?

Before we answer the question of what is the highest Snap score ever recorded, consider the average user.

According to the Snapchat community, an average active user snaps 20 to 40 times per day, earning 80 to 100 points and having a score between 50,000 and 150,000.

Members with a higher tally have probably had the app for a longer time, use it frequently, and/or have a sizable following. Users who have surpassed the 1,000,000 mark, for example, are likely to have a large number of friends and followers who interact with them on a daily basis.

Integrate Snapchat and Automate Workflows!

So, if you want to become an influencer and earn money from social media, Snapchat is the place to be. Simply be an active Snapchat user and plan to increase your Snapchat score by sending and receiving snaps on a daily basis.

You can improve your Snapchat game by integrating it with other software and automating various workflows. You do not need to write code or have the technical knowledge to automate workflows.

You can connect your Snapchat account to software such as Google Sheets, Gmail, and many others. This allows you to automatically update the status whenever a new member is added to your list, a new snap is sent, and other events occur. Thus, by automating workflows, you can efficiently keep track of your Snapchat Score.

Snapchat Scoring FAQs

If you still have questions about How to get a higher Snapchat score, here are the answers. We have solutions to some common Issues.

Can my Snap Score go Down?

No, thankfully. When you mess around on Snapchat, your Snap score will inevitably rise. However, you will not lose any points for being inactive. On the contrary, you’ll receive a small bonus for reactivating the app after a period of inactivity. However, you’re probably better off staying active because snaps and friends will earn you more points.

My Snap Score hasn’t been updated yet. What’s wrong?

Your Snap Score does not change every time you send a Snap or engage in a qualifying activity. When Snapchat updates your score, there is almost always a delay. If you’ve followed the steps above but your Snap Score has remained the same for several days, you can get help by clicking the Help link in Snapchat’s Settings.

How To Get A Snapchat Streak Back

There is a way to restore your Snapchat streak, especially if you know you have been sending snaps to your friends on a regular basis. The only way to regain your Snapchat streak in this situation is to contact Snapchat’s support team directly. They will review your appeal, and once they have verified that you have been sending snaps to your friend on a consistent basis, they will approve it and return your streak to your account.

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