HELP sanck bar serving person


1 D 21 verbal warning
2 C 22 progress
3 A 23 five years
4 G 24 (residential) clubs
5 F 25 concerts
6 B 26 leisure skill
7 F 27 loan
8 C    
10 B  
11 A 28 C
12 A 29 B
13 E 30 G
14 D 31 F
    32 E
  SECTION 2 33 H
  34 August 31st
15 professional image 35 human chain/chains
16 pressed 36 blotting paper
17 tasteful 37 (countless) dustbins
18 allergic reactions 38 C
19 cultural tradition 39 C
20 company logo 40 D


General Training Reading and writing Test A

Section 1

Question 1-14

Read the text below and answer questions 1-6

A. HELP – snack bar serving person

Bright, friendly, experience not essential

Energy and enthusiasm an absolute must

Sat & Sun only

Call or drop in at Kingsway Centre, Melbourn/Royston

Tel:0176324272 and ask for the Manager.


B.Granta Hotel

Requires a part-time silver

Service waiter/waitress.

Only applications with experience

And good references need apply.

Excellent wages, meals on duty.

Tel: 0122351468 (office hours)


C. WANTED from January till July, a nanny/ carer for toby, 2 yrs. Formal qualifications not as important as a sensible, warm and imaginative approach.

Hours: 8.30-5.00 Mon-Fri

Car driver essential, non-smoker

References required

For further details phone: 01480 88056 after 6pm.


D. Cleaner required for 12-floor modern office

block in the Station Road area, St Ives.

2 hours per day. Mondays to Fridays –

To finish work before the offices open


Wages: £80 per week

Tel: 01223 93292


E. Mature, experienienced


For soft furnishing company, working

Within the hotel industry


Hours: 1pm – 5pm, Mon-Fri

Phone:Mr S Quinn 01353 71251


F. FULL-TIME COOK for a new and exciting café venture.

Good conditions. Pay and hours can be negotiated.

Apply Red Café (01863) 72052


G. 50-Seater Restaurant


Ideal for very experienced person looking to

Start up on their own.

Reply Box No. P762, Newmarket Newspapers Ltd.,

51 Cambridge Road, Newmarket, CB8 3BN


Questions 1-6

Look at the seven job advertisements, A-G, on page 104 and read the descriptions of people below.

Which is the most suitable job for each person?

Write the correct letter, A-G, in boxes 1-6 on your answer sheet.

  1. A person with two small children who wants a few hours a week of unskilled work in the early mornings

       2. A person with no experience or qualifications who is looking for a short term full-time job, Monday                 to Friday

        3. A lively student with no experience, who cannot work on weekdays

        4. A person with more than 20 years’ experience in catering who would like to run a business

       5. A catering college graduate who is now looking for first full-time job

       6. A person with many years’ experience working in hotels who is now liking for well-paid part-time employment in a hotel

INTERCITY Sleeper between London and Scotland

Most tickets may be used for travel by Sleeper, subject to availability, and a reservation in a two-berth cabin can be made for £25, except in the case of Solo and Special tickets, which include Sleeper reservations in the fare. The price includes early morning tea or coffee and biscuits. A continental or hot breakfast can be ordered if you wish.


Choose from a range of tickets to suit your journey.


A – SuperApex

Only available for travel after 9am. Book at least 2 weeks ahead and travel between Edinburgh or Glasgow and London for the unbeatable price of £59 return. This ticket is non-refundable unless the service is cancelled.


B – Apex

A real bargain fare. Only £69 return between Edinburgh or Glasgow and London. Great value Sleeper travel available by booking at least a week before outward travel. Ticket refundable on payment of a 25% administrative charge.


C – SuperSaver

Available right up to the day of travel and valid any day except these peak days: all Fridays, also 18-30 December, 31 March and 28 May. Departures between midnight and 2am count as previous day’s departures. London to Glasgow or Edinburgh £82.


D – Saver

This flexible ticket is valid every day and can be bought on the day of travel. Your ticket allows standard class travel on any train between 10am and midnight. No seat reservations available. London to Glasgow or Edinburgh £95.


E – Solo

Treat yourself and enjoy exclusive use of a Standard cabin. Solo is an inclusive return travel ticket with Sleeper reservation for one or both directions. Outward and return reservations should be made at the time of booking. The journey must include a Saturday night away. £140-£160 London to Edinburgh/Glasgow return.


F – Special

Special is an inclusive return travel package for two people including sleeper reservations for one or both directions. It can mean savings for both of you. Outward and return reservations should be made at the time of booking. From £120.


G – Standard

Not the cheapest option but available up to the time or travel and valid for all trains and at all times. You are advised to turn up early for travel on a Friday.

Questions 7-14

Look at the seven types of train ticket, A-G, on page 107.

For which type of train ticket are the following statements true?

Write the correct letter, A-G, in boxes 7-14 on your answer sheet.

NB You may use any letter more than once.

7. There are advantages if you book a journey with a friend.

8. You cannot use this on a Friday.

9. This can be used without restriction.

10. This can be used only be booked up to 7 days before departure.

11. It’s the cheapest ticket available but there is a restriction on departure time.

12. If you decide not to travel after you have bought the ticket, you cannot get your money back.

13. This is not available if you’re travelling out on a Monday and back the next day.

14. You cannot use this ticket for departures between midnight and 10am.

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