Example of request letter essential tips for IELTS General Training Module

Example of request letter

This example demonstrates what a good letter of request for information should look like there are on the margins, which indicate paragraphs numbers as explained on pages 30. You don’t need to write them in your own letter. It is enough to just leave blank line between the paragraphs


Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to ask for complete itinerary of a trip to Africa that I booked with your company.


The trip I refer to starts on August 12, 2005. I am supposed to leave with a group of 16 people. The information I would like to obtain should include the following:

  • Names and phone numbers of others people in my group
  • Airline names, flight numbers, departure and arrival times.
  • Names and locations of hotels that you have booked for me, and on what bases, bed and breakfast, half board or full board.
  • A list of optional day trips that are available and their prices.
  • A list of local doctors I can contact in case of emergency.
  • A contact number for your company representative in Africa.
  • A receipt for the payment I have made on July 28, 2005.

You could send the above-mentioned information to my e-mail or a fax. I would like to receive it as soon as possible but later than a week before my flight.


I look forward to hearing from you.


Yours faithfully,

            Mr. Smith


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