Do it right! Essential tips IELTS General Training Module

Do it right!

Now, when you know what a letter should look like, it’s time you learn the technique how to write it fast. It works for absolutely any kind of letter. After writing a couple of letters you will realize, that write down a 150 words alone takes you 15 minutes, plus you have to think of a story to tell in your letter, to make it interesting.

So this is how you do it:

  • When you get the writing assignment, first look and understand what kind of letter do you need to write: complaint/request, business, job application or personal.
  • Read the assignment and write down on the draft paper 3 first things that come to your mind. Those ideas must refer to the topic directly. If there are a number of things you need to write about, refer to every one of them. Make things up, be creative, it doesn’t have to be the absolute truth. Stop right there, no more thinking!
  • Start writing first paragraph requires no thinking – write 1-2 sentences that explain the topic of your letter.
  • Remember the 3 things you made up? Use them while you are writing paragraph two. Make it the largest paragraph because it is your only chance to get 150 words in the letter.
  • When paragraph two is done, paragraph three and four (if applicable) are a piece of cake, because they generally are based on paragraph two.
  • After you have finished writing read the letter once again and check for spelling and punctuation errors.

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