Cue Card Part 2


  1. Describe someone who knows a lot about something
  2. A rule formed in your school that you agree/ disagree with
  3. Describe a person you work/study with
  4. Describe something you bought recently and you are happy with it
  5. Describe a place where people go to spend leisure time
  6. Describe a good news that you have heard recently about your relatives
  7. Describe recent changes in your life
  8. Describe something that you taught to your friend/relative
  9. Describe an interesting conversation you had with a stranger
  10. Describe a person who took a decision for you recently
  11. Describe a time when you visited new school/home
  12. Describe a website you have used recently
  13. Describe an interesting person from other country
  14. Describe a place that is not frequented by people
  15. Describe a visit to a place that is not famous
  16. Describe a special cake you made for someone
  17. Describe a shop recently opened in your area
  18. Describe something you got for free
  19. Talk about a friend who cleverly solved a problem
  20. Talk about a language lesson you enjoyed
  21. A plant that you find useful
  22. A person who helped you in your studies
  23. Disagreement with a decision someone made
  24. Your favourite item of clothing
  25. Good news about a person you know well
  26. When someone gave positive comments to you
  27. A book that has influenced you
  28. A healthy lifestyle
  29. An occasion when you helped someone
  30. Something you’re planning to do but haven’t done it yet
  31. A gift that made you happy
  32. Talk that your ideal home
  33. A garden you visited as a chid
  34. A happy married couple
  35. An English lesson that has influenced you
  36. Something you got for free
  37. Facilities you want in your hometown
  38. Talk about your favourite sport
  39. An invention you find very useful
  40. A special cake
  41. A time when you teamed up with an old person
  42. A big company/ organisation near you
  43. A businessman you admire
  44. A group of people that made you smile
  45. A small business you’d like to start
  46. A foreign city you’d like to visit
  47. A plan you’ve been making for long but it didn’t work
  48. A person’s service in a restaurant
  49. An expensive hobby you can’t pursue daily
  50. A time when you had to use your imagination
  51. A moment you laughed a lot
  52. A place near a swimming pool
  53. Your favourite song
  54. A small organization you’d like to work for
  55. Your perfect holiday destination



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