America And Britain Are Being Criticized For The Agreement With Australia

America and Britain are facing criticism due to the famous Ocus agreement. France and China have strongly objected, so the European Union has also reacted to it.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had to face sharp questions from MPs, so America has also given an explanation on this.

While China has called it irresponsible, France has accused President Joe Biden of stabbing him in the back.

Under this agreement between Australia, America and Britain, America will also provide Australia with nuclear-powered submarine technology.

Due to this agreement, Australia has canceled the deal with France. In 2016, France got the contract to build 12 submarines of French design for the Australian Navy.

The cost of this contract was approximately 50 billion Australian dollars. This deal was considered Australia’s biggest defense deal till date.

Annoyed by the Ocus agreement, France has even said that Biden is behaving like former US President Donald Trump.

French Foreign Minister Ives Le Drian told Franceinfo radio, “This cruel, one-sided and unexpected decision reminds me of Trump, who used to do the same thing. I am angry and I am also bitter. It shouldn’t be like this.”

Just two weeks ago, the defense and foreign ministers of Australia expressed their commitment to the agreement with France. And France also talked about further cooperation with Australia in the future.

On the latest developments, the French Foreign Minister said, “This is a stab in the back. We had built a relationship of trust with Australia, but that trust is now broken.”

French diplomats have canceled a ceremony to be held in Washington regarding this agreement. This program was to be about the relationship between America and France.

Gerard Araud, former French ambassador to the US, said in the BBC World Tonight program – America knew that this agreement was in the national interest of France, but America did not care.

On the other hand, China has also expressed its displeasure over the Ocus Agreement. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that the agreement jeopardized the security of the Indo-Pacific region.

“Such cooperation seriously undermines regional peace and stability as well as international efforts for non-proliferation,” he said.

Lijian said, “This agreement also shows how these countries use nuclear export as a geopolitical weapon. It is extremely irresponsible. They should give up their Cold War mentality and contribute to peace and stability.” should be given. Otherwise they themselves will suffer in the end.”

China’s official newspaper Global Times has also criticized this agreement. The newspaper has written that Australia has become an opponent of China.

Meanwhile, the European Union’s High Representative for Foreign Policy Josep Borrell has said that the EU was not previously informed of the Ocus agreement.

He said the announcement of the Ocus Agreement gives the EU an opportunity to advance its vision of “strategic autonomy”.

Experts are saying about this agreement that in fact it is an attempt to surround China. But British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told lawmakers that its purpose is not to oppose China.

But former British PM Teresa May asked Boris Johnson whether this deal could drag Britain into a war with China?

He also questioned the Prime Minister about the impact of this agreement in the event of China’s invasion of Taiwan.

In response, Boris Johnson said, “Britain is committed to protecting international law and this is the advice we give to our friends around the world and we will also give the same advice to the Chinese government.”

Taiwan considers itself an autonomous nation, but China considers it its part.

On the other hand, America has started trying to reduce the anger of France about this agreement.

He said, “There are many partnerships in which France is involved and there are some in which France is not. France also has many agreements in which the US is not. In fact it is part of global diplomacy and it works like that.” “

Australia’s Defense Minister Peter Dutton dismissed China’s response.

He said, “This is not the first time that China has reacted like this to the situation in Australia. We are a proud democracy of our region. We stand with our neighbors in the Indo-Pacific region to ensure lasting peace And this cooperation makes it a safe zone. This is a reality and no propaganda can deny these facts.”

This is the first time in 50 years that the US is sharing its submarine technology with any country. Earlier, the US had shared this technology only with Britain.

This means that Australia will now be able to build nuclear-powered submarines that are much faster and more lethal than a fleet of conventionally powered submarines. These special submarines can stay underwater for months and can fire missiles over long ranges.

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Amidst the tension in India, China and America, Australia took a big decision
Earlier, US President Joe Biden, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave information about the ‘Ocus’ agreement in a joint virtual press conference.

Although no one directly mentioned China during this period, all three leaders did mention the concerns about regional security time and again.

“As a first initiative under AUCUS, we are committed to building nuclear-powered submarines for the Royal Australian Navy,” a joint statement on the AUCUS security agreement said.

Analysts say that this alliance (Ocus) between the three countries is the most important security agreement ever since World War II.

After this partnership, Australia will have nuclear-powered submarines for the first time. This means that Australia will become the seventh country in the world to operate nuclear-powered submarines.

America, Britain, France, China, India, and Russia already have this technology.

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